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Energy, being an engine of development, is important that supplies all of the economic sectors. To be more benefited from the energy sector, it should be regulated in affordable and environmentally friendly manner. For this to happen, the Ethiopian government established the former Ethiopian Electricity Agency by Proclamation of No 86/96. Since its establishment the agency has undertook a number of fruitful activities.

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A promising energy future for Ethiopia

The electricity sector’s challenges & opportunities is one of the prime subjects that have been pre occupying the thoughts of many governments across our region and even beyond. Smooth development of the electricity industry is indeed our challenge but with promising opportunities too.
The impact of the continuing upsurges of price of oil is posing an economic challenge to non oil producing countries like ours. This situation is worse for some countries that use fuel for much of their electric power generation needs. Fuel oil related political and environmental challenges are yet another even bigger dimension of the energy issue.
It is with this background that the direction concerning; governance of the energy sector, security of supply, financial and institutional viability of energy institutions, energy pricing, share of renewable energy, energy efficiency and conservation are stipulated in our national energy policy (currently is under revision to argument the advent of new sector challenges and new opportunities as well).

Ato Getahun Moges
Ato Getahun MogesDirector General EEA
Energy Saving

Using Electronics device with Energy star sign can save energy power Usage

Issuing and administrating Electric and geothermal resource development operation licenses, Promote reliable and equitable electricity services by; issuing operation licenses, determining tariff, setting performance standards & improve energy efficiency & conservation by; conducting baseline study on energy supply & consumption, setting efficiency standards, issuing operation license & by engaging in popularization activities.